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Street Yoga stories

November 18, 2012


“Your performances added a whole new element to the event.

They were touching and wonderful. Thank you.”

-Stephanie Toby (Director of Operations, Street Yoga Seattle)

Playback Theater Northwest performed for a fundraiser for Street Yoga, an organization which works with homeless and incarcerated youth. They give them skills to heal trauma, deal with stress, addiction, and health issues. We heard many touching stories of healing, transformation, empowerment, to the youth as well as for the volunteers. I have often wondered in the prison work that I do, if the inmate would be in prison today if there had been someone in their youth who could see them and had been there for them. Society pays one way or another. Anyway, thank you Street Yoga for the wonderful work that you do. If there are any yogis out there wanting to make a difference with youth, there is a need for volunteers and financial contributions. Click here to support them! – PTN member, Janice Eng


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