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Announcing our upcoming season…

October 25, 2016


PTN retreat


Now Performing Quarterly in Renton at Luther’s Table. Show starts at 7:00 p.m.:

Luther’s Table
419 S 2nd St, Suite 1
Renton, WA 98057

*Saturday, December 17, 2016  “Holiday Stories
*Saturday, September 17, 2016 “Stories of Our Lives

(Previous 2016 Performances at George Center for Community in Seattle)

June 4, 2016    Wedding Stories 

Tonight we’ll explore our travels through relationships. Let’s hear your stories of love, weddings, ceremonies, parties, non-traditional love, and life-long commitments. Who or what are you married to?

May 7, 2016    Dream On!

We all dream. How have your dreams affected you? Do you have any hopes or dreams for the future? Maybe a past dream came true for you. How did that dream become reality? Tonight we want to hear your stories of dreaming.

April 2: “Stretching Yourself”

It’s easy to stay comfortable in our routines, but sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zones. Tell us about those times when you stretched yourself beyond your norm.

March 5: “Body Talk” 

What is your relationship to your body? Maybe you’re a fitness nut; maybe you battled a serious illness; maybe you trained your body to do something you never thought it could do. We want to hear your stories of adventures with your body.

February 6: “The Music of Our Lives”

Music can be deeply moving, fun, even life-changing. Have you ever heard a song that brought back a certain memory? What is the soundtrack of your life?

January 2:“Patterns”

Have you ever noticed things repeating in your life? Patterns can be good or bad, and sometimes they can teach us something. Tell us about the patterns in your life.



2015 (A few performances)

October 3, 2015: “What on Earth!”

We all live on this planet, and we’ve all experienced its wonders and oddities. What are your stories about the earth? What adventures have you had in the mountains, the desert, the forest, or the sea?

November 7: “Sentence for the Day”

Something a little different: Write a sentence from your day on an index card. We’ll draw your cards out of a hat and perform whatever comes out!

December 5: “Friendships”

Friends can be the most important people in our lives. Whether it’s your best friend from kindergarten or a relationship just beginning, we want to hear about the friends in your life.


Check our latest event, we perform the first Saturday of each month!

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