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Playback Theater Northwest helps individuals, communities and organizations thrive and develop by bringing people together to share stories that enable connection, growth, change, and healing.

Our troupe recreates real stories told by audience members through the art of improvised movement, music, dialogue, and imagery. We bring to life the personal stories and feelings of “the teller” by capturing the drama, humor, emotional depth, and vitality inherent in our varied, individual experiences. Through the sharing of these experiences, we celebrate our commonalities and diversity. Learn more >>


Exploring Racism: How has it Affected your Life?

Have you experienced it, witnessed it, or even
perpetrated it?

Racism can be invisible to those who don’t experience it, but we are all party to it. It is conditioned within us through our history, culture, and media. This can perpetuate feelings of shame and inferiority for some, and feelings of pride and superiority for others.

Healing begins with awareness. Come bring your stories and let us learn from one another. Let’s celebrate our diversity and work together to create a more just and peaceful world!

Join us on Zoom for an evening of improvisational theater based on your real life stories.

August 1, 2020 @ 7pm
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