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  1. Playback acting shows the amazing talent of the actors. To bring emotion and life to a story told by the audience immediately upon hearing the story is brilliance without a safety net. I enjoyed the show immensely and would recommend it to anyone loving the art of acting.
    -Rosie Decker
  2. Two things fascinate me about Playback. One is the original and imaginative way the cast interprets the stories shared by members of the audience. The other is the actors’ ability to do this so well within a few MINUTES of hearing a story!
    -Gretchen Knipshild
  3. It was healing to my soul to see my stories on the stage. I had to laugh, and it felt like it was ok to LAUGH. Playback Theatre is better than going to a movie. Playback Theatre is better than going to a play. Playback Theatre is Interaction, it is real time, with no written script. Point Blank, PBT is your LIFE on stage. 4 or 5 actors/actress playing your life before so you can Learn & Laugh! –Audience Member

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3 responses to “Applause”

  1. Cara McCoy says:

    I attended the Diversity training in Mt Vernon. The group was amazing! So powerful. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  2. Meghan Traylor says:

    I went to my first show last night (at George) and positively loved it. I had no idea what to expect. The performers, including the host and the musician were kind, empathetic (bordering on psychic), and hilarious. I left wanting to hug everyone in the room, including audience members who had shared little pieces of their lives! Thank you, Playback group!

  3. Karla Zabel says:

    My daughter and I enjoyed an enlightening, thought provoking, and entertaining evening with the Playback Theater Northwest on Exploring Racism. Hearing/Seeing others experiences really opened my eyes and I have been to my share of trainings on the subject. But learning about Horizontal Racism from someone having dealt with this, or a child’s experience of finding out that he was not “white” showed me that I have a lot to learn.
    And I could go on and on about the actors, they were incredible! I was amazed that this was Improv! I kept asking my daughter “how do they no what the others will do?” Such a talented group! I will definitely see them a third time. :-)

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